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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Village of Bloomingdale Committee of the Whole of the President Board of Trustees met Oct. 14

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Nov 18, 2019

Meeting 10

Village of Bloomingdale Committee of the Whole of the President Board of Trustees met Oct. 14.

Here is the minutes provided by the Committee:

Proof of Posting

The meeting was duly posted according to State Statute.

Call to Order

The Standing Committee of the Whole Meeting of October 14, 2019 was called to order by Mayor Coladipietro at 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call

Upon Roll Call by the Village Clerk, those in attendance were:

Present: Mayor Coladipietro, Trustees Von Huben, Shannon, Belmonte, Bucaro, and Ackerman

Absent: Trustee Bolen (arrived at 6:12 p.m.)

Quorum Present

Audience Participation

Motion by Trustee Ackerman, seconded by Trustee Von Huben, to open the floor to the public. All Trustees present voted Aye.

Motion Declared Carried

No one came forward.

Motion by Trustee Von Huben, seconded by Trustee Shannon, to close the floor to the public. All Trustees present voted Aye.

Motion Declared Carried

Discussion Items

A) Finance and Administration

1) Presentation by DuPage Animal Services regarding the Retail Sale of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits Mr. Brian Krajewski, Animal Services Committee Chairman and Dr. Barbara Hanek, Administrative Veterinarian, were present from DuPage Animal Services to give a presentation.

Mr. Krajewski began stating he is a DuPage County Board Member as well as the Chairman of the Animal Services Committee. He stated the Humane Ordinance was challenged and people need to be educated. There are many villages in DuPage County with Home Rule authority that have passed Humane Ordinances: Downers Grove, Warrenville, and Willowbrook is in the process. He noted townships have also passed resolutions. He would like to see the State take this up as well as DuPage County.

Dr. Hanek addressed the Board and referenced the USDA's Animal Welfare Act, stating while puppy mills stated they comply with the Act according to page 119, the conditions are cruel. The fact that they state they comply with USDA means little.

Added to the Roll: Trustee Bolen arrived at 6:12 p.m.

She stated that the animals have no enrichment, no bedding, no toys, no exercise, and no socialization. The puppies from puppy mills have limited veterinary care and shells of an animal. There are not enough inspectors - 100-110 inspectors for the country for 10,000 facilities. She then compared the animals that come from breeders vs. puppy mills, i.e., breeders make sure the animal is a good match between animal and family, breeders give a high level of veterinary care and socialization, and breeders raise the animal in a home and not in a kennel. Dr. Hanek also stressed that the Humane Ordinance will benefit the community.

Lastly, a short video showed the inside conditions of a puppy mill. The Mayor thanked Dr. Hanek and Mr. Krajewski for taking the time to come to our Village.

2) Presentation and Discussion of Fiscal Year 2020/21 Budget Schedule/Calendar Mr. Scalera stated that this is the beginning of the annual budget review. He asked Board members to please let him or Mr. Szott know if there is anything to add to the schedule/calendar.

3) Discussion on elimination of R2C Mr. Gascoigne began that the R2C zoning was created with the Springfield Place application for that project, for the homes just north of Schick Road. He noted staff had discussed the appropriateness of this zoning for some time now and felt it was time to examine its effectiveness and usefulness. There was discussion regarding variations needed at Springfield Place/Pointe using some elements of R2C and R2D. It was noted it would require an amendment to the Village Code and changes in zoning districts would require a public hearing process. Mr. Gascoigne sought direction from the Board in terms of whether to pursue modifications or eliminate the R2C zoning. There was a consensus from the Board to have our attorney look into eliminating the R2C zoning. The next route to follow after review from the attorney would be to bring it before the Planning & Zoning Commission, and then back to the Board. The Mayor questioned if this were eliminated if it tied our hands going forward and answered that it did not and it would minimize the variances and give the Village greater control where these projects happened in town.

B) Committee of the Whole - Economic Development Liquor Control

1) Discussion of amendment to Class "T" Liquor License Mr. Scalera stated that the Class “T” liquor license was a temporary license created specifically for Family Fest. Since the Village no longer had Family Fest, he would like to change the language to include Village sponsored events for temporary liquor licenses, i.e. the Festival of Lights. The Mayor asked if there were any questions and there were none.

2) Discussion of New Liquor License Application for Aldi Mr. Scalera noted that the Aldi's requested a license for packaged liquor sales. It was questioned when they planned to open and answered before Christmas.

C) Public Safety

1) Discussion of Purchase of Three (3) Squad Cars for Police Department Director Giammarese stated that of the three squad cars needing replacement, one was in excess of 100,000 miles; another has 76,000 miles; and the K-9 unit vehicle has 70,000 miles. He noted once the cars are replaced, they will be placed in the Public Works Department. He stated that this is a budgeted item but did note that there is a $5,000 difference in the cost. The Mayor asked if there were any questions and there were none.



Meeting Reminders

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

Monday, October 28, 2019 - Standing Committee of the Whole and Village Board Meetings

Community Event Reminders

Grand Halloween Event

Bloomingdale Police Department Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9a - 1p

Administrative Staff Reports

1. Village Administrator, P. Scalera

• Mr. Scalera expressed appreciation to Public Works, Jim Monkemeyer and Lauren Moore; Administration, Sean Gascoigne and Jennifer Sassano; and Police Department Admin W/C Sam Bonilla for the Brew N BBQ this past weekend. He noted over 300 attended. The breweries and food vendors expressed a lot interest for the future.

2. Assistant Administrator, B. E. Weber

• There is a collection of socks this month for Socktober at the Village Hall for the Homeless

• Bloomingdale employees are helping support Holiday Meal boxes with the Northern Illinois Food Bank for donations through department, to her, or directly online.

• After Thanksgiving, we will be partnering with the Salvation Army for the Angel Tree.

3. Village Attorney, M. Castaldo, Jr.

Michael Castaldo, III was present and had no report.

4. Director of Public Works, J. Monkemeyer

• Mr. Monkemeyer stated that they are very close to filling the two (2) vacancies in Public Works.

• They will begin to put up the Christmas lights and decorations.

5. Finance Director, G. L. Szott

• Mr. Szott stated that the Finance Department welcomed the 2nd new employee and are now fully staffed for the first time in six months. They are now training the new hires.

• The next Board meeting will present the 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

6. Director of Public Safety, F. Giammarese

• Director Giammarese stated with the cannabis law changes, next week they will be going over the records to expunge prior arrests records. He noted the onus was on us.

• He also commented changes in the tobacco ordinance prohibit people from purchasing tobacco under the age of 21 but it is not illegal to possess it under the age of 21. They will work on the ordinance to tighten the rules.

• November is “No Shave Month" for Police Department to promote donations for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, so you may see officers with beards.

7. Community & Economic Development Director, S. Gascoigne

• He will be in Navy Pier in Chicago on Wednesday and Thursday for the ICSC representing Bloomingdale and the Access O'Hare West organization.

• On November 6, there will be Broker event with 100+ brokers to have our Village on display to promote our properties and businesses in Bloomingdale. 25 West offered to provide appetizers and food.

• He and Mike Gricus will be attending Woodman's in their construction trailer each week for updates and to be proactive for any upcoming issues.

Other Business

Trustee Belmonte wished to thank the Board and residents from the community for their support for the "Will B Foundation" event last Thursday. They helped raise $145,000 to date to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Recess To Executive Session

Motion by Trustee Bucaro, seconded by Trustee Bolen, to recess to Executive Session for the purpose to discuss the Purchase of Real Estate - 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(5) at 6:50 p.m.

Aye: Trustees Bucaro, Bolen, Von Huben, Shannon, Belmonte, and Ackerman

Nayes: None

Motion Declared Carried

Reconvene Meeting

The Mayor reconvened the Standing Committee of the Whole meeting of October 14, 2019 at 7:09 p.m.

Upon Roll Call by the Village Clerk, those in attendance were:

Present: Mayor Coladipietro, Trustees Von Huben, Shannon, Belmonte, Bolen, Bucaro, and Ackerman

Absent: None

Quorum Present


Motion by Trustee Von Huben, seconded by Trustee Bolen, to adjourn the Standing Committee of the Whole meeting of October 14, 2019 at 7:10 p.m. All Trustees present voted Aye.

Motion Declared Carried - Meeting Adjourned


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